What to do when you’re tired and discouraged?

Just to be honest I am tired and discouraged.  I don’t say this to get sympathy or to make people feel sorry for me.  I just say it to be real.  I think I know why I feel the way I do, but knowing why doesn’t make me feel better.  I’m sure it’s because I have been going at it with such intensity since January and I really haven’t had a break.  

As a pastor and as a church we have been battling for some time, long before 2009, and I’m sure that I’m just tired of the fight, even though we have seen many incredible victories.   In February I called our church to a month long fast and it has become one of the most powerful and enriching experiences of my ministry.  During that month we did our annual Red Dress Tea and then right after that we went into Easter with all of its demands.  Both events were amazing and awesome things have come from those outreaches but I know that I am just now coming down from the high.  I think I might feel what Elijah felt after the incredible encoutner with God on Mount Carmel in I Kings 18.  In chapter 19 Elijah went and sat under a broom tree and said, “I have had enough Lord!”  Ever feel like that? 

Tuesday night before prayer meeting I started feeling overly exhausted and even a little sick to my stomach.  And honestly I was just tired and discouraged and wanted an excuse to be alone.  I told Beth that I had had it and that I was going to stay home that night and let her lead the prayer meeting.   She wasn’t too thrilled to have the prayer meeting  laid on her at the last minute and so she encouraged me to try to press through and just come.  I knew she was right and that I needed to be at prayer so I just went on and made it.   And you know, it wasn’t 10 minutes in the presence of the Lord and in the midst of all the sounds of people lifting up their voices in prayer that all my exhaustion was gone and I didn’t feel near as tired or discouraged as I had felt before the prayer meeting.   In fact, by the time the prayer meeting was over the burden of discouragement that I had felt was completely lifted!  And truthfully, the next few days the discouragement returned but I know what helps it to lift! 

 So what do you do when you’re tired and discouraged?  Do what God’s Word says in Hebrews  10:25,  “Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another–and all the more as you see the day approaching.”  No matter how tired or discouraged you may feel, something happens when you’re gathered with other believers in prayer.  In Hebrews we are called to meet together all the more not less and less!  I think I know who was trying to keep me from coming to prayer meeting Tuesday night!  Thank goodness I didn’t listen to the enemy.


13 Responses to “What to do when you’re tired and discouraged?”

  1. Kristie Glueck Says:

    Thank you for that word. I have experienced this as well with being tired and discouraged and wanting an excuse not to go to church. Everytime I have pressed through and went I was so happy I did and felt so much better, but even though I have experienced this the enemy still tries to keep me from prayer and even though I know what I need to do it is hard to fight through sometimes. So thank you for this word. I know God has said this and I want to be obedient to Him and not give up. Thank you.

  2. The enemy has strapped a heavy burden on all of us. He wants us broken, loosing sight of what we are. I often times feel discouraged, but I have altars to the LORD all over. Every morning on my way to work I drive past the point on I-30 that the LORD first arrested my spirit. Every morning I hear the cry of my son that the enemy told us that we would never have. They are both examples of his faithfulness. If he can give do for me what he has, the least I can do is praise him. I also receive a lift in my spirit whenever I see our shepard at church. The anointing of God is all over him, and you can see it. Thank you for being such a faithful servant of the LORD

  3. Kathy Moran Says:

    Pastor, your are so real and transparent, just as Jesus was and is. Thank you for being who you are, a leader, encourager, and mentor for all of us to follow. It is very easy to wallow in , and focus on my own self-pity and when I do I am not able to praise God. Would it be easier to go home instead of push through and make the committment and decision to come to Tue prayer? This thought crosses my mind every Tues, but, what you teach me from God’s word is that focusing on ourselves does nothing and focusing on God’s word does everything. That’s why when given the choice I choose church. Thanks for your anointed and inspired words that leave me wanting more of Jesus in my life.

    • Bless you girl. Thank you for your kind words. You too are such a blessing to me and our church. I love your joyful spirit and how you reflect Christ’s love everytime I see you.


  5. Pastor, Last night I didn’t feel up to going to our church women’s craft night either, but I made myself gather up the items, make the snacks and head to church. Once there, I felt His spirit in the room and a warmth spread through me. Even so, I woke up tired, discouraged and reluctant to take up God’s work today. I did a quick search online to boost my energy and to seek encoragement. You have provided that and I thank you.

  6. May God’s will be done towards enabling me overcome my discouragement indespite of being a sinner and epileptic with a big family in addition of assorted domestic tensions with my beloved wife and step children in my status of being a jobless person who is a registered member in the Adventist Church over here in East Africa.

  7. voos madeira…

    […]What to do when you’re tired and discouraged? « Pastor Corey's Blog[…]…

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  9. Miles Zuri Says:

    Take a nap…..Pray …..start again.

  10. Johnf843 Says:

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  11. Johnk765 Says:

    When I originally commented I clicked the Notify me when new comments are added checkbox and now every time a comment is added I get 4 emails using the same comment. Is there any way you may take away me from that service? Thanks! kdccebbeefek

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